Restaurant Ambassador Program

Workforce is the #1 concern for Iowa Restaurant and Hospitality industry operators. What draws people to our industry? Experience. Passion. Relationships. There are over 1,100 students at 27 High schools across the state of Iowa in the ProStart program and they need to hear from YOU! Help us build awareness of the vast and viable CAREERS in our industry, IGNITE their passion for the work we do and EXCITE them about the endless possibilities that lie AHEAD! TELL THEM YOUR STORY!

Become A Restaurant Industry Ambassador. Here’s How:

  • Let us arrange a visit to a ProStart Classroom for you to share your story or WOW Students with a cool demonstration (Don’t Forget to  Bring Food!)
  • We will connect you to a ProStart Competition Team looking for a mentor
  • We can arrange a Field Trip to your establishment (Be Sure to Include a Hands-On Activity!)

  • DONATE product or equipment to a ProStart classroom

No Time To Be An Ambassador, You Can Still Support the IRAEF:

  • FUND Scholarships

  • Make a 100% Tax-deductible donation
  • Give to the IRAEF Endow Iowa Fund