Relaxed ProStart Exam Proctoring Requirements

In order to assist with examination administration at this time, the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation is relaxing its proctoring requirements for the Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts (FRMCA) exam. Until further notice, you may proctor the exam virtually using Zoom, Skype, Webex, or any other tool that will allow you to monitor students virtually as they complete the exam. Educators may only proctor 3 remote students at a time. You will need to ensure their location conforms to the usual test location standards and have the student show you:

  • the location is conducive to exam testing with no distractions, including additional people within the space
  • all 4 walls of their testing room
  • a view of the surface their computer is on as well as all round and under the surface their computer is on
  • a full view of your examinee and then a close up of their ID to confirm identity
  • the computer screen so the examinee is not using another web browser or web application during the exam
  • that audio is enabled to ensure there are no 3rd parties in the room or inappropriate distractions during the examination


  • If you are teaching ServSafe in your classroom, you cannot use this method for the ServSafe Manager Examination due to accreditation standards set by the American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection. The ServSafe Manager Examination must have a physical proctor present.

We hope that these resources and exam considerations will help you complete the school year successfully. Please share if a particular remote learning approach is working well for you and your students, and we can share it with the ProStart community. You can send your best practices to your FRMCA sales rep or to